Pure surf in empty line ups at virgin beaches in the North of Portugal.
Stay with us for one week in our high comfort lodge and enjoy authentic hospitality. From 519€/week you get everything you need to start a healthy lifestyle in tune with the Ocean. Let us guide you. Simply eat, sleep and surf.

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Surf & Yoga

When doing both yoga and surfing, you will discover a new natural flow within yourself and your performance.
Start your day catching waves and end it with a sunset yoga session.
Best international teachers will help you on your journey in the water and on the mat. From 599€/week

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Yoga Retreat

Bring body and mind together. Live the slow life. Embraced by the tranquility of our zen garden, surrounded by lush pine trees.
Enjoy your daily practice of flexibility, mindfulness and deeper breathing.
Let yourself melt in blissful relaxation and rejuvenate. From 419€/week

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Special Spring Yoga Retreat 

1.-7. March 2023

Essencial Detox
from 999EUR

For a deeply grounded transformation we will start to find and identify personal blockages and imbalances. 

Throughout the retreat we practice the incorporation of meditation routines and daily yoga practices, completed by dietary adjustments. That complexity will prepare you for your return home with an established new healthy routine. Your daily life will be transformed.

Susana and Sophie will help you through that process and nourish you with ancient knowledge, food that comforts the body, daily yoga, deep meditation, refreshing nature and breath work. After these seven days Susana will have taught you how to maintain a healthy mind, while Sophie learned you to integrate good eating habits into your daily life. You will understand that your body is an ecosystem in sincronization with the rhythm of nature.


Susana is a Portuguese yoga teacher since 2008 and developed several projects of yoga and education. For her, yoga is life. There is no difference between "doing" and "being".

Spending time with her, whether it's an hour or a year, is enough to turn your life upside down and see things from a different, truer and more joyful perspective.

She is determined and full of love when teaching yoga. Her classes are truly inspiring and with ease she interweaves practice and theory. Susana will guide you through the experience towards the essence of being.


Sophie is a Belgian writer who moved to Portugal, where she bought an abandoned farm to grow her own vegetables. Sophie is focused on healthy food and habits. Her dishes are colourful and full of nutrition & flavours. Her philosophy is going back to basics to remember who you were before the world told you how to behave.
7 am yoga & meditation & purification
9 am breakfast
10 am workshop
12 pm yoga & integration
2 pm lunch
3.30 pm group dynamics

dinner (self-catering)
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The Golden Waves Experience

Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga Lifestyle

Relax in delightful poses. Soak up the sun. Ease your mind. Do yoga.

Surf Passion

Surf Passion

Fall in love with the Ocean and the simple way of life. Be water. Be fluid.

Enjoy Comfort

Enjoy Comfort

Our all-included service is pure bliss. Made for you to feel home away from home. You deserve it.

Outdoor Fun

Outdoor Fun

3oo days of sunshine. Fresh Ocean air. Lush Nature. Free Bikes. Wake up your senses and become alive, vital and happy.

Get inspired

Get inspired

Discover unique cultural treasure. Find secret places and authentic people. Return with forever travel memories.

Meet and Share

Meet and Share

Have good times with likeminded travelers. Share beautiful moments in Nature and lodge life. Make friends.

Catch the wave of your lifetime and spend unforgettable days with us.

Check-in our ecologic friendly resort certified by Trip Advisor, part of worldwide sustainable hotels.