Why should I book Golden Waves for my surf experience?

Because we can proudly say: we are different and offer a unique surf experience.

The Golden Waves Surf and Yoga Lodge is located in a a picturesque seaside village, nestled between endless beaches, the Nature Park of Maceda Pine Forest and the preserved Lagoon Ria de Aveiro. We are embraced by green Nature, blue Ocean and clear sunny skies.
Perfect for surfers, as it is just a short walk to the beach from the resort with many uncrowded peaks and therefore a great base for exploring excellent waves around. Within a stretch of 15 km coastline, more than 25 waves wait to be discovered.
All year around we receive swells, pleasant water temperatures and 300 days of sunshine. Surf for every level, from perfect beginner peelers to powerful tubes for the advanced surfer. Depending on swell and wind directions, there is always an option. Not to mention the clean water quality, our beaches are honored as blue flag beaches.

Our helpful instructors are local experienced surfers with certificates from the Portuguese Surf Federation to teach in a safe atmosphere. They know the best spots and when to surf there. A lot of waves we enjoy are secret spots and not easy to find on your own. Trust our guides, lean back in our comfortable Volkswagen vans and let them do the wave search for you. We offer brand new high quality surfboards and cosy Rip Curl wetsuits to assure a satisfying surf experience.

During the surf session the instructors provide safety, individual learning progress and fun. No worries, they get everyone on the waves!

We don’t stop the time to end the sessions. When everybody is happy and out-surfed you return to the resort.

As a special service after the surf, the team will take care of cleaning and drying the equipment, so you happily return from your session and can relax right away.

Enjoy the comfort of the lodge and its unique service concept while focus only on your magic surf experience.
We will give our best to make your stay with us unforgettable.

DAILY SURF CLASSES, duration around 4 hours, all material included

What about the Yoga Sessions?

At the Golden Waves Surf and Yoga Lodge we offer 14 yoga sessions per week in our beautiful and spacious yoga studio. To mix up the daily routine our instructors vary sounds, smells, lights and energies. From Monday to Sunday we provide a rise & shine vinyasa yoga session in the mornings at 8am and a relax & recover yin yoga session at 6pm in the evenings. Duration around 80 minutes. The perfect combination of Yoga styles following your bio rythm. The classes are suitable for each level, there will always be options for the more advanced Yogis.


Embodiment of meditation in motion. Each body movement is linked to a breath and each pose turns into a flowing sequence with the intention of moving towards us. Powerful form of exercise to build strength while stretching deeply the muscles. Vinyasa can cause a Flow State, being fully absorbed and highly focused. Everything feels easy and connected, an effortless effort.


Relaxation for the physically tired body and overactive mind. Long holding poses remove blocks in the energy flow and lengthen the connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones and joints. Balances internal organs and systems. Yin is an introspective practice that nurtures the calm center that is in all of us through stillness, patience and passiveness.

Our international best qualified yoga instructors will pay attention to everybody’s different levels, body needs, capacities or limits and will share their years long experience with you. Start your first yoga journey with us or deepen your routinary practices and dive into a new dimension.

The peaceful studio is equipped with high quality yoga mats, foam blocks, cotton straps, restorative bolsters, lavender eye pillows and soft lightweight blankets to assure an effective and long lasting relaxing experience. Give yourself some time out.

DAILY 2 YOGA CLASSES, duration around 80 minutes

How will be the Meditation Session?

Cultivate and celebrate a daily meditation practice to help you ease into a regular mindfulness routine. Your timeless days by the Ocean are just the perfect opportunity to start or deepen that habit.

The benefits of consistent meditation are many.

You’ll help reduce your stress, bring peace into your life and deepen your inner connection.

You’ll gain the tools and techniques to respond to life’s challenges after your holidays with grace, ease and more mental flexibility.

I have booked my package. Now I would like to upgrade my stay with more Surf Classes, Yoga Sessions or Stand Up Paddling.

No problem! You can always add extra daily surf lessons or yoga sessions before or during your stay at any time. Turn your holidays into your unique and personal experience.
Relax your mind and body in our refreshing yoga sessions 14 times a week, mornings and sunsets or dive into the world of surfing with our daily surf lessons in the mornings or afternoons.

I am traveling alone. Is the Golden Waves Surf and Yoga Lodge a place for me to be?


The lodge is a great place to both enjoy time by yourself as well as meeting likeminded people!
Our guests come from different backgrounds and countries but all with the same mission. Enjoying the healing power of Surf, Yoga and Nature. Finding inner flow and sharing this beautiful experience with other beautiful minds.

In the Lodge you will instantly connect with the other guests. Our activities are designated to connect with each other and exchange knowledge, tips, joy and stoke. Feel the flow and go out together to one of our recommended local restaurants, savoring grilled fish and a glass of red wine or a cold beer.

The Yoga group meets before each session to connect and stroll together to the studio.

Be part of spontaneous dinners and start each day with a healthy breakfast buffet and good company. Needless to say you will make new friendships.

Prepare your meals together in the huge kitchen, share a barbecue on the terrace, enjoy a sunset drink in the outdoor lounge. The open living space with an extensive sofa in front of the fireplace and long dining table invites to share good times. At the same time the resort offers a lot of quiet zones, cosy corners inside and outside to retreat in silence. Shared accommodations or private single suites, you choose.

Furadouro is a lively seaside village with a historic centre. Very attractive place for local beach goers at the weekends, quiet and empty beaches during the week. Away from mass tourism you will find superb local restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs full of life. If you look out for the big city vibe, just spend a day or night in Porto or Aveiro, conveniently reachable by train from Ovar.

Is there something for vegetarians, vegans or gluten-frees?

Absolutely! You are not the only guest that is aware of sustainable eating habits. And we strongly support this planet protecting attitude.

Our breakfast buffet has a 95% vegetarian assortment. For sure made with love and care for all our plant-based eaters. It consists of sliced exotic fruit, a great selection of cereals, vegan oat porridge,gluten-free rice bread, fresh bread rolls and croissants, bio yoghurts, all kinds of sweet spread like fruit jams, honey, peanut butter or Nutella, local cheeses and butter. Juice, fruit infused water, freshly brewed coffee, cappuccino, with milk or soy milk and a wide assortment of teas.

And we have a well equipped kitchen were you can prepare your own meals how you like it best. Fruit, veggies and groceries are of great quality and you can get them in local food stores in town in walking distance.

In the Ovar Dolce Vita Shopping Center you will find a good selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food.

What options do I have for lunch and dinner?

We have a huge and well equipped kitchen were you can prepare your own meals how you like them best. Fruit, veggies and groceries are of great quality and you can get them in local food stores in town in walking distance or at the outdoor market in Ovar.

Furadouro is a lively seaside village with a charming historic centre just 7 minutes walking. You will find superb local restaurants that serve Portuguese and international dishes for great prices. Cosy cafés, fancy beach bars, delicious ice cream parlors, supermarkets with local vegetables and fruit, bakeries, butchers, fish shops.
In the Ovar Dolce Vita Shopping Center you will find a huge selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food.

Our daily breakfast buffet is for sure made with love and care for all eating habits. It consists of sliced exotic fruit, a great selection of cereals, vegan porridge, rice bread, fresh bread rolls, pastries and croissants, bio yoghurts, all kinds of sweet spread like fruit jams, honey, peanut butter or Nutella, local cheeses, hams and eggs. Juice, fruit infused water, freshly brewed coffee, cappuccino, with milk or soy milk and a huge assortment of teas.

How do I get to the Golden Waves Surf and Yoga Lodge?

Coming here is easy, fairly priced and safe.

From Airport Porto (OPO)

By transfer
Maximum 7 people, 65€ one way
Please contact us!

By car
Free parking in front of the lodge

By train
Metro and urban train direction Aveiro/Ovar

Price one way 5€
Free pick-up at Ovar train station

From Airport Lisbon (LIS)

By train
Take taxi 5 min to main train station Lisbon-Gare de Oriente
Take fast train to Ovar in 2,5 hours (hourly connection)
Price one way 25€

Free pick-up at Ovar train station

Are there Surf or Yoga Classes every day of the week?

There are daily surf classes from Monday to Sunday

There are daily yoga and meditation classes from Monday to Sunday

Vinyasa: 08.00h – 09.30h

Yin: 18.00h – 19.30h

Meditation: 19.30-20h

Check-in and Check-out times?

Check-in: 14.00h

Check-out: 11.00h

It is never too late to arrive at the Golden Waves Surf & Yoga Lodge. At any time your train or flight arrives, we will be there and pick you up.

For late flight departures if you like to add another surf session or just need some extra time before travelling, we have a safe luggage storage after your check-out before 11.00h.

Apart of surf and yoga, what else can I explore?

There is a lot more to explore and discover!

Bike trips through stunning nature and Portuguese villages with our free mountain bikes. Sightseeing in Porto, Aveiro, Espinho, Ovar are cultural gems and just a stone throw away. Reachable by train and bike from the Lodge. Trail in the Serra da Freita National Park, treat yourself with massages offered by professional physiotherapists. Beach bar sunsets, BBQs in the garden, Stand Up Paddle Tours in the Lagoon in cooperation with our SUP experts, spotting flamingos, tennis matches on the home court or going out for superb dinners at our favorite local restaurants.

Does the Surf Package or Yoga Retreat start on any particular day of the week?

No, feel free to start at every day of the week and for how long you wish to stay.

Our concept is very flexible and there is something for everybody.

How will the weather and waves going to be like when I’m there?

Usually we have plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures to be active outdoor all day long. The waves will be between half a meter to one and a half meters. No winds or offshore winds in the mornings that create glassy and beautiful waves for easy surfing. The outdoor temperature is around 25 to 30 degrees. Never too hot as we are blessed with a nice breeze from the Ocean. We will inform you daily about the weather and wave conditions and search the best spot for your level.



We open the surf season in April, when there is plenty of sun with warm days, flip-flops and shorts. The small picturesque villages by the coastline get lively, the water temperatures start rising and the waves become smaller.


The weather in June, July and August is great, with long sunny days, incredible sunsets and the waves are pure fun. Perfect conditions for beginner surf lessons, since the waves are softer and smaller. Porto in summer is packed with great music festivals. You will find every style of event from Fado, Sounds of Brazil, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Hip-Hop to Classic music. The Festa de São João, St. John’s Festival, is the biggest annual festival to be held in Porto, taking place on June 23rd.


Time for consistent surf with some solid swells coming in and still good weather. The water is warmed up and the best surfers in the world come to Portugal in October.

What happens if there aren’t any waves or if the waves are too big?

First of all take it easy  This is a very, very rare scenario.

We do our best possible search for big swell and strong wind protected surf spots if this is the current weather situation. We might change the surf schedule from morning to the afternoon for a more convenient tide, wind or swell time or organize an alternative program like wake boarding, a sailing boat trip, Stand Up Paddle trip or other surprises. The last option is to simply rest that day and we will organize an additional surf class another day during your stay.

Do I have the right level for the surf or yoga classes?

We offer surf classes for beginners, intermediates and surf guiding for advanced surfers. When you attend your first surf session we find out which group suits you best. Even during your stay you can change groups if you feel better in a more advanced or more beginner group.

Our yoga sessions are designed to offer variations for all levels. From total beginners to challenge-seeking Yogis, you will be surprised how easy it goes.