Portuguese Cuisine

Not only the freshest local ingredients and seafood from Atlantic waters make the world’s best dishes. It’s all about the liquid gold, cold pressed olive oil. The tradition and production is deeply rooted in the Portuguese cuisine. Eating out is always a culinary highlight, even the smallest tascos and taverns surprise with high quality food.
As an appetizer you are served olives, delicious cheeses with cornbread or a vegetable cream soup of the day. Try some rissois filled with meat or crab. At lunchtime affordable daily menus are offered, including drinks, bread, soup, main course and coffee. Desserts are delicately fine and recommended with some port wine. You find an impressive selection of wines that fit to every dish, especially from the nearby Douro, one of the most important wine regions.

Everywhere you stroll along the streets, you see cafés and pastry shops filled with phenomenally delicious homemade sweets. It’s part of a lifestyle to have some good coffee and gather with friends. We will share our best kept secrets with you or you go on a gourmet mission and discover by yourself.