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Surf: Plan your Easter Holidays in North Portugal!

The surf holidays of your dreams are in North Portugal! One of the best locations in Europe to surf is waiting for you! Are you looking for exciting waves, sun tan and drinks on the beach? Book a cheap flight to Porto (OPO) or Lisbon (LIS) and explore its beaches, great food and smiling people.

Enjoy perfect spring weather conditions that feel like summer. In March and April there’s plenty of sun with warm days for flip-flops, shorts and ice creams. The picturesque towns get lively, the sea temperatures start rising and the waves become smaller and fun.


Are you ready to catch the best waves with us?



Are you a beginner surfer? What makes this a great spot to surf?


Porto’s coastline has more than 80 kilometers of empty beaches, wild dunes, virgin pine forests and perfect point break jetties. The area is still not explored, so crowds are not an issue for us.

A professional surf team will guide you to our favorite hidden places and help you find your way to surf in uncrowded waves. You will not spot any big hotel chains or mass tourism here, just small local accommodations and local people that care for you.



What to expect from the weather?


We have some nice 2-6 feet waves and usually no winds or offshore winds in the morning. That creates glassy and beautiful waves for easy surfing. The outdoor temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius. The weather is sunny compared to other destinations in Europe and the Atlantic Ocean is finally starting to warm up.

This is the perfect time to take surfing lessons, wash off the winter dust and get the surf muscles back on track. Our brand-new Rip Curl wetsuits keep you cozy and comfortable during the surf sessions.



So what if you’re taking a solo surf trip?


Are you a solo surfer? No worries. You can surf by yourself in Furadouro. The beach is just a short walk away. Rent out different surfboards and wetsuits that we have in stock. There might be better spots depending on the days and you will get more out of your time by letting us guide you through the tides, swells or wind conditions. We do research for you! Lay back and relax.



Are there any special offers during Easter?


Yes! Golden Waves have great discounts on low season and some nice give-away goodies for you! First of all, we’re going to welcome you with an exciting gift. After successful surfing days we invite you for our barbecue in the garden. Stretch your body and keep the balance. Treat yourself nicely after a long day in the Ocean with some restorative yoga sessions by Karin Dorsey.

Book a weekly package now and join all of these extras! We are looking forward to share our place with you.